Righteous: Book 2 in The Men of Mafia St. Clair

Righteous: Book 2 in The Men of Mafia St. Clair

The melodies that came from his instrument soothed the ache in her heart.

Gideon St. Clair is a world-renowned trumpet player, gracing the most prestigious stages, bringing audiences to their knees with the call from his horn. Gideon is also a gangsta, second in command for Mafia St. Clair. They call him righteous because of his masterful horn skills. But those that saw the other side of him, knew Gideon to be righteous in the way he dealt with adversaries, unmercifully.

Gabrielle Dixon is a concierge doctor, catering to the medical needs of Las Vegas’ elite. She felt compelled to help. She needed to be able to fix something, because the one thing she broke that continuously broke her heart was unrepairable. There was a prolonged pain in Gabrielle’s soul. Yet, quite by accident, she heard Gideon play. Instantly, the pain in her being started to subside.

That’s when he saw her, and the magnetic attraction between them exploded into a romance for the ages.