Carmen Rodriguez was living her best life. As maitre’d at Café Laquette, Carmen worked in her best friend’s five-star restaurant, meeting people and making things happen. She distanced herself from her past and was hopeful for what was to come.

And then a letter came, announcing the return of her first love; propelling Carmen into the very tormented past she desperately tried to forget.

Multimillionaire, Grayson “Turks” Foster, renowned architect, and vice president of the Dirty South Riders was living his best life, too. Turk spent his days designing architectural masterpieces for the rich and famous and spent his nights riding out with his biker brothers. Even with everything Turk had going for him, there was an undeniable absence; a space in his life he desperately wanted to fill.

He’d seen her before; a chance encounter that brought Carmen Rodriguez into Turk’s orbit. Would Carmen’s past deter her from pursuing a future with someone new? Or, would Carmen leave the past in the past for good? Find out in Cruisin’.