Hey reading family!

Okay, so, let me just take you all with me on this journey to this thing called the first cover for my new series, The Men of Mafia St. Clair.

Whew, chile! It has been a doozy. And if you aren't familiar with who I am talking about, make sure to pick up, St. Clair's Silent Night, where Nicholas St. Clair is introduced.

Okay, on to why I am posting. Y'all, I don't know if you know this, but I have somewhat of a book cover addiction. I love book covers and have a whole fit when I see a new cover that has all the right elements. I get excited and a lot of times, because I am always trolling premade book cover sites, I get inspired for new stories by the covers I see and buy. When the idea of the St. Clair family came to me, for the first time in I can't remember, it came with no cover creating the inspiration.

Dilemma dot com!!!

But I thought to myself, no worries. As many talented cover designers as I know, as many covers as I peruse, surely something will speak to me that's appropriate. so I was cool with that, right? Well, honey guess what happened? Two, mind you two incredible designers LaNisha Renee and Amber Ghe dropped premade covers that knocked me off my feet. Yikes! both of them would have been absolutely perfect for the St. Clair series. They were covers I could build on for all 6 books. Now, I was in a quandary for real. What to do, what to do?

I toyed with that thing for like 3 weeks, mind you, I had already had another cover designed for the series. mmhmm, yep the one that is on the pre-order. Fell out of love with it, and then fell completely out of love with it when I saw the other covers by the designers. So, the book is scheduled for release in January and Celeste does not have a book cover that she loves and she has two awesome options and can't decide. Now, let me explain to you why the cover is such a big deal for me. It's like the anchor that grounds the story. I use it as visual inspiration and as a reminder of what the story is supposed to be about so to not have one??? My, my, my! It was a problem.

So, after three-plus weeks, I finally made a decision, combining the talents of both artists and settling on a series of covers that I am absolutely, positively in love with!

Meet, Nicholas St. Clair, Book 1, Respect!

Come on somebody!!

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