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Love. It is a many splendid thing, isn't it? Yet, it's not a straight path from one heart to another. Most often, love is a tangled mess that challenges our thoughts, beliefs, and challenges us to prove over and over that we are more than enamored with an individual. Love is a tangled conglomeration of what the mind thinks, what the soul feels, and what the heart knows. And I write about it...

New Release!

January 28, 2021

I am so nervous but I'm excited!!

I am so grateful to my reading family!

 You all continue to be so awesome, so supportive, so wonderful to me on my writing journey and I want you to know that I never take your support for granted. 

Here is a snippet from my new book, Respect.

“It’s time, babe,” Nicholas crooned into Noel’s ear as they spooned in his bed.

“Uhnn, it’s still dark,” Noel grumbled, tucking Nick’s arm around her waist even tighter and nuzzling against the pillow.

Nick chuckled. “Yeah, babe, it's dark at 4:30 in the morning.”

“Can we just sleep in this one time?” Noel reasoned.

“No, ma’am,” Nicholas refuted, reaching over, and pulling the covers off Noel’s bare legs. She shrieked, grappling for the covers while he continued to push them away. It was a tussle, and they both ending up laughing behind it.

“It’s so early,” Noel fussed, planting her feet on the carpeted floor, and climbing out of bed. Stretching her arms high over her head, Noel yawned, trying to shake the sleepiness that clung to her. Nick was right there to scoop her up as her arms came down. 

 “I promise to make it up to you this evening,” he hummed in her ear.

“Promise?” She asked, lacing her arms around his neck.


Although Noel wasn’t happy about it, the couple didn’t take long in donning their workout gear.

“We probably should stretch a bit before we start,” Nick suggested.

“We did enough of that last night, don’t you think?” Noel winked.

“Alright then, Ms. Livingston,” Nick hummed. “We’ll take it easy in the beginning, just in case.”

Noel didn’t expect the security team to be there in full force, but they were as soon as Nicholas opened the front door.

“Good morning, guys,” she greeted.

“Good morning, Ms. Livingston,” they echoed.

Noel watched as Nicholas stretched his long legs and then his arms. She mimicked his actions even though she wasn’t feeling it quite yet. But she’d agreed to run with him, so she was committed no matter how painful it might be.

“Alright, beloved, are you ready?” Nicholas asked, jogging in place to warm up.

“As I’ll ever be.”

The team fell into formation around them as they began. Having them around would take some getting used to. But one thing was for sure, Noel could see just how dedicated they were to Nicholas. She never saw the guards playing around or taking their jobs lightly. They were polite to her, but just past that politeness was seriousness. Nicholas did what he said, starting them off with a slow walk and then speeding it up until they were slowly jogging. He abbreviated his steps to stay alongside Noel.

Nicholas warned Noel about how cool it was early morning, and he was right. Noel felt the chill in the air due to the absence of the sun. Her breath was visible as they made their way down the path Nicholas took every morning.

“So, babe, I was thinking,” Nicholas began, as he inched up the speed of their pace a bit. “What do you think about designing the new space we’re developing for the Gentry?”

“You want to talk and run?” Noel huffed, doing her best to keep up. It wasn’t that she was out of shape but doing this kind of cardio was definitely something she wasn’t used to.

“Yeah,” Nicholas smiled. I thought we could strategize while we’re out here,” Nicholas smiled. He liked the fact that Noel was a trooper, and she looked good doing it. He made sure to share that with her.

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” Noel managed to smile.

“It’s mind over matter, babe. Just put one foot in front of the other. You’re doing excellent,” Nicholas encouraged.

Noel listened to what Nick said, no longer focusing on the ache in her thigh muscles. She stopped thinking about how uncomfortable she was and how hard it was; instead, concentrating on her breathing. Noel did what Nick said, putting one foot in front of the other. After a few moments of shifting her attention, Noel realized it wasn’t quite so bad.

“What’s the Gentry, babe?”

“Oh, so you wanna talk now?” Nicholas teased, showing his athletic prowess, turning on his heels and jogging backward alongside Noel.

“Whew, Im’ma get you!” Noel balked. She tried to steal a punch to Nick’s arm, but he moved just in time. But Noel would not be denied. She grunted, determined to let him have it, quickening her steps. Nicholas was still trying to stay out of range backpedaling, but Noel was gaining ground. He had to shift gears, spinning around again, jogging forward to keep out of strike range.

“Oh no, sir,” Noel quipped, finding a second gear, and running even faster. She was going to get Nick, and she would not be denied.

He heard footsteps behind him and was surprised at just how quickly Noel was right on top of him.

“Uhm,” she huffed, wrapping her arms around his waist. Nicholas slowed up enough so that they wouldn’t trip, reaching back for her.

“You got me, beloved,” Nick laughed, easing Noel to his center, wrapping his thickly corded arms around her waist.

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"Writing is the geometry of the soul"



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