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Love. It is a many splendid thing, isn't it? Yet, it's not a straight path from one heart to another. Most often, love is a tangled mess that challenges our thoughts, beliefs, and challenges us to prove over and over that we are more than enamored with an individual. Love is a tangled conglomeration of what the mind thinks, what the soul feels, and what the heart knows. And I write about it...

New Release!

May 27th

Thank you all so much for rocking with me!!

I am so grateful to my reading family!

 You all continue to be so awesome, so supportive, so wonderful to me on my writing journey and I want you to know that I never take your support for granted. 

Here is a snippet from my new book, Respect.

Chloe did nothing to prepare herself for Colton’s arrival. He was going to see her just as she was. He was going to get sweatpants and a t-shirt, messy bun and all. Chloe practiced her argument, what she would say this time to convince Colton to take the money back. By the time he rang the doorbell, Chloe was ready for the fight. She opened the door, game face on. There Colton stood looking ever so fine, the smile that tilted the corners of his lips making it hard for Chloe to remain stone-faced. He was dressed casually, but the dark jeans he wore hung from his waist just right. The white t-shirt he wore accentuated his muscular chest and exposed every muscle in his arms. He looked good as hell, but Chloe was determined not to be swayed by the things that normally took her breath away. Narrowing her eyes and tightening her jaw, Chloe was determined to stay focused, despite the swoon in her belly.

“Hi,” Chloe uttered, stepping aside to allow Colton in.

“Hi,” Colton replied, stepping across the threshold. The smile on his lips widened. He could see Chloe was prepared for the fight. He liked it when she was feisty. Chloe closed and locked the door behind him. Having been to Chloe’s place before, Colton instinctively took off his shoes and lined them against the wall where some of Chloe’s shoes were.

“Which way should we go?” He asked as Chloe was still standing behind him.

“We can have it out right here,” she fussed.”

“If that’s what you want,” Colton said after turning around to face her.

Immediately, Chloe realized that having the conversation she wanted to have at the door was a bad idea. Colton was inches taller than she was, which meant she had to look up to fuss, not a power position at all. The entryway was a much smaller space which meant Colton was physically close to her. His nearness always sent Chloe’s senses in a tailspin. It was as though Colton knew she was operating at a disadvantage and liked it, taking a slight step forward, closing much of the distance between them. Instinctively, Chloe took a step back, her back close to the door. She had to move away from Colton. Focus, girl, she coaxed herself. Focus.

“You were saying?”

The velvet of his voice waxed over her, titillating her essence.

“I don’t understand why you won’t take no for an answer,” Chloe pressed forward, denying her body’s response to his presence.

“I accept no, sometimes,” Colton countered.

“But why not this time?”

“Because, I think you’re wrong.”

“For not taking the money?”

“Yes,” Colton said calmly, not offering any further explanation.

“How am I wrong? Why am I wrong?”

“Because, beloved,” Colton said, taking another step forward, “I want you to have it.”

“That’s it? You want me to have it?” Chloe fussed, her heart thundering in her chest, her back now pressed against the door.

“Yes,” Colton answered simply. When Chloe rolled her eyes and popped her lips, he smiled, which frustrated her even more.

“I’m being serious,” Chloe fussed.

“I know,” Colton smiled. 

“Then stop smiling,” she whined, finding it hard not to smile with him.

“Okay, okay,” Colton replied, exaggeratingly straightening his face, which tickled Chloe. She fought against laughing out loud. “Let me ask you this. Why is it so hard for you to accept a gift from me?” Colton asked placing one hand on the door. Shivers stormed through Chloe’s core. She closed her eyes, focusing so she could respond. But even with her eyes closed, she could smell Colton’s cologne. Shivers rumbled through her again as she opened her eyes and dared to look up into his handsome face.

“What?” His nearness rocked her so, Chloe couldn’t remember the question.

“Why is it so hard for you to accept a gift from me?”

Chloe stumbled in, trying to answer. “Because.”

“Because? Is that it?”

“It’s too much, Colton. It’s just too much.”

“Is there such a thing?”

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"Writing is the geometry of the soul"